iTOP is a unique, systematic hands-on training in mechanical plaque control and patient motivation. It empowers dental professionals to offer each patient a comprehensive prevention programme that is tailored to their individual needs.

Globally individualized

Over the past 13 years, over 20,000 people have participated in countless iTOP seminars in more than 60 countries around the world—and these numbers just keep on growing! Together, we have worked to create a community of dedicated and motivated dental professionals with a passion for achieving lifelong oral health for their patients.


Your mouth is the mirror of health. The attitude you possess determines the altitude reached.
Dr. Kishore Hadal, Dentist
iTOP Lecturer from India
Give your patients the gift of lifelong oral health. Give the gift of iTOP.
Barbara Derham, RDH
iTOP Lecturer from Ireland
We have a responsibility and obligation to provide the truth behind dental diseases and oral systemic connection.
Kyle Ash, DMD
iTOP Lecturer from the USA
With iTOP, you can expand on your prophylaxis knowledge and skillset to better aid future patients in improving their oral health.
Benjamin Wang
4th year dental student from USA
A great smile comes from knowing how to care for it.
Louise Baguley, Dental Hygienist
iTOP Lecturer from the United Kingdom
iTOP - The "lightbulb moment" in preventive dentistry.
Elna Van der Ham, RDH
iTOP Lecturer from South Africa
iTOP offers the healthy slice of life! This feels fantastic! It has changed my working style and my life completely.
Dr. Lucie Sedelmayer, Dentist
iTOP Chief Instructor from Czech Republic



Symposium 2020, Frankfurt

The reason people around the world are having a smile on their faces - healthy smiles.
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Dr. Marta Lago graduated 2018 at the University of Madrid and is working in the general dentistry practice at the Clínica Vilaboa in Spain since then. She took part in different iTOP courses and is an iTOP lecturer since 2 years from Spain🇪🇸 Dear Marta, we wish you a blessed birthday! Peace, success and much love for today and always. Thank you for being part of our team!🎁✨





iTOP Teacher, Thailand

Also this year we had the honor to be present in Bangkok, where we successfully held an iTOP Teacher seminar.

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Tuesday tip💡 Interdental brushes should be used for closed interdental spaces – intact papillae, too🦷 Until 1995, it was taboo to use interdental brushes in healthy gums, in other words, closed interdental spaces. But then Dr. Jiří Sedelmayer, iTOP founder, made a historical breach through in primary prevention of gingivitis, periodontits and approximal caries: He developed the first generation of CPS Prime – interdental brushes for closed interdental spaces. ✅ Ever since, even young patients have had an excellent opportunity to clean their interdental spaces without injuring themselves – all with more comfort and much greater effectiveness than dental floss can offer. 👉 Follow these steps when treating patients with intact, healthy papillae.





iTOP Introductory in Malmö, Sweden

This small but super motivated group took iTOP in Sweden on a new level. We are happy! 

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«I’ve learned that nothing or nobody is ever too good. There’s always a room to get better!» says Romana Mance Kristan, iTOP Lecturer from Slovenia🇸🇮 Dr. Romana Mance Kristan graduated in 2000 at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. She did her specialisation in periodontology at the same University a few years later. Romana is currently working at the department of periodontology at the Community Health Centre Maribor in Slovenia. Since 2017 she is the Head of the department for Adult Specialist Dentistry at the Community Health Center Maribor and is a dedicated iTOP lecturer for almost 8 years now! Dear Romana, happy birthday! With all our heart, we wish you a blessed day and a wonderful celebration surrounded with your loved ones. We are glad to have you as a part of our team!🎁✨