iTOP incorporates practical, hands-on learning and a focus on the motivation needed to implement this knowledge on a daily basis so that your patients can be set up for a lifetime of oral health.

Globally individualized

Over the past 13 years, over 20,000 people have participated in countless iTOP seminars in more than 60 countries around the world—and these numbers just keep on growing! Together, we have worked to create a community of dedicated and motivated dental professionals with a passion for achieving lifelong oral health for their patients.


Your mouth is the mirror of health. The attitude you possess determines the altitude reached.
Dr. Kishore Hadal, Dentist
iTOP Lecturer from India
Give your patients the gift of lifelong oral health. Give the gift of iTOP.
Barbara Derham, RDH
iTOP Lecturer from Ireland
We have a responsibility and obligation to provide the truth behind dental diseases and oral systemic connection.
Kyle Ash, DMD
iTOP Lecturer from the USA
With iTOP, you can expand on your prophylaxis knowledge and skillset to better aid future patients in improving their oral health.
Benjamin Wang
4th year dental student from USA
A great smile comes from knowing how to care for it.
Louise Baguley, Dental Hygienist
iTOP Lecturer from the United Kingdom
iTOP - The "lightbulb moment" in preventive dentistry.
Elna Van der Ham, RDH
iTOP Lecturer from South Africa
iTOP offers the healthy slice of life! This feels fantastic! It has changed my working style and my life completely.
Dr. Lucie Sedelmayer, Dentist
iTOP Chief Instructor from Czech Republic



iTOP for Postgraduate Students in Bogotá

A group of postgraduate students in pediatric dentistry at Universidad Nacional de Colombia underwent an iTOP Introductory this past week.

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Patients are supposed to ask you question and we hope you enjoy teaching.





iTOP Workshop in Prague

A group of four dental professionals from Colombia, México, Spain and China underwent an intense Recall with Lucie Sedelmayer this past weekend and left Prague re-motivated to teach iTOP in their home clinics and countries.​

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Happy Birthday, Carlos 🎁





In Memory of Jiří Sedelmayer

With great sadness, we mourn the loss of our great preventive hero, father of iTOP, Jiří Sedelmayer. (* 3.1.1946/ † 6.7.2019)

His passion and drive to change the approach of preventive dental medicine has lead professionals around the globe to follow in his footsteps, adapt his methodology of iTOP - individually trained oral prophylaxis - and become mentors to their patients.

In this emotional time, our iTOP-family as a whole stand with his family. We hope his words and passion continue to guide each and every one of us in growing iTOP even more, spreading the message further and teaching others. 

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Hey iTOP folks, this is Dominique writing (has been all along for the past 2.5 years😉) As I am leaving my work in iTOP, I wanted to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for these wonderful years of meeting so many of you in person, learning from you, having great dinners and conversations and many many laughs around the world. 😁 I am extremely grateful for this amazing team and can't wait to continue teaching everyone about proper oral hygiene and care – not like I didn't do it before.😛 Thank you for giving me the gift of self-sufficiency in terms of my health. 🙏 I will miss the many seminars, the social exchanges and you all a lot. Keep being active on Facebook and Instagram and do never stop teaching the great message of iTOP. Thank you for having me and good bye! 😢💙 #iTOPinmyheart