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10.10.2017 Quantification of carious pathogens in the interdental microbiota of young caries-free adults Research Dr. D. Bourgeois, A. David, C. Inquimbert, P. Tramini, N. Molinari, F. Carrouel English
01.01.2017 Dentifrices for children differentially affect cell viability in vitro Research, Chemical Barbara Cvikl, Adrian Lussi, Andreas Moritz, Reinhard Gruber English
01.01.2017 Primena savremenih pasta za izbeljavnje zuba Research, Brush Melinda Ležaić-Schweitzer Serbian
04.08.2016 Fio dental pode não ser tão eficaz quanto se pensava, dizem estudos Research, IDB, Brush, Floss Folhapress / Luciano Veronezi Portuguese
02.06.2016 Quantitative Molecular Detection of 19 Major Pathogens Research F. Carrouel, Dr. D. Bourgeois, J. Santamaria, S. Viennot, P. Veber English
18.05.2016 Access to Interdental Brushing in Periodontal Healthy Young Adults Research, IDB Florence Carrouel, Juan Carlos Llodra, Stéphane Viennot, Julie Santamaria, Manuel Bravo, Dr. Denis Bourgeois English
04.05.2016 Au Backe - Im reichen Süden des Landes geben die Menschen am meisten für ihre Zähne aus Newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung German
04.05.2016 Auf den Zahn gefühlt Newspaper Ariana Attrodt / Südkurier German
03.05.2016 Gesundheit beginnt im Mund Newspaper Pd Dr. med. dent. Christoph Ramseier German
01.01.2016 Changes in the oral ecosystem induced by the use of 8% arginine toothpaste Research Jessica E. Koopmana et al / University of Amsterdam and VU University Amsterdam English
01.01.2016 Efficacy of interdental calibrated brushes on bleeding reduction in adults Newspaper, IDB European Journal of Oral Sciences English
01.01.2016 Comparison between Interdental Brush and Dental Floss Research, IDB, Floss M. Luz, MFG Klingbeil, P. Henriques, Prof. Dr. HR Lewgoy English
29.09.2015 A Colorimetric Interdental Probe - Long Research, IDB Dr. D. Bourgeois et al / Laboratory "Health Individual, Society" English
16.07.2015 Besser reinigen und die Gingiva schonen Newspaper, IDB, Brush, Single M. Vogel, B. Sener, M. Roos, T. Attin, P.R. Schmidlin German
01.01.2015 The in vitro impact of toothpaste extracts on cell viability Newspaper, Chemical Oral Sciences / Barbara Cvikl English
01.01.2015 An efficient way of mechanical plaque control Research, IDB L. Kovács, Dr. D. Tihanyi English
01.01.2015 The effectivity of oral hygiene routines depending on the method of patient education Research Atilla Fenyo, Dr. Dora Tihanyi English
01.01.2015 Rationale for the prevention of oral diseases in primary health care Research Dr. D. Bourgeois et al English
01.01.2015 Global Economic Impact of Dental Diseases Research, Newspaper Journal of Dental Research English
01.01.2015 Salivary Microbiota Reflects Changes in Gut Research Hepatology English