iTOP means learning the right oral hygiene and the right motivation to implement these redefined skills on a daily basis. Step by step. Skill by skill. In short: individual instructed oral care measurements – leading to sustainable oral health for a life time! That is the ambitious goal of iTOP.

iTOP consists of four basic modules – Introductory, Advanced, Recall, and Teacher – and is designed for all dental professionals after graduating from their respective programs.

The goal of this program is to help participants materialise their aspiration to become an iTOP Instructor or iTOP Lecturer. With dedication and commitment, and through (repeated) participation in iTOP Teacher seminar locally and internationally, both certifications can be successfully earned.

iTOP Introductory

One-day seminar

The iTOP Intro is the starting level that provides the foundation for all subsequent seminars.
The Intro program explores the current failures in daily dental prophylaxis and prophylactic education. It teaches how to improve oral health by practicing proper techniques and using the right tools.

The goal of this level is to ensure participants learn the fundamental theory and philosophy of iTOP, and are able to apply the knowledge to oneself, family, and patients.


iTOP Advanced

Two-day seminar

The following iTOP Advanced level involves a deeper delve into theory and techniques, leaving room for questions and discussions.
The afternoon sessions cover the practical Touch to Teach (T2T), where methods and techniques are learned in a small group setting.

The goal of this program is to prepare students become effective instructors that will teach patients how to properly use appropriate tools and methods in a dental office.

iTOP Recall


The annual iTOP Recall is a refresher seminar for professionals holding an iTOP Advance certification. The seminar is focused around T2T practices and recalibrations, which will assist participants to obtain proficiency in using methods and techniques.

The goal of this level is to assist professionals revalidate their certifications for another year.

iTOP Teacher

Four-day seminar

The iTOP Teacher level is designed specifically for dentists and dental hygienists who would like to take it even further and master the techniques and tools. The four-day seminar prepares participants to eventually instruct and teach dental students and professionals in an iTOP seminar. The T2T sessions are taught by highly trained experts and are intensive with a student-teacher ratio of 1-to-2.

The goal of this level is to obtain certification as iTOP Instructor.

Participation in the Teacher seminar requires a minimum of three-day pre-training in iTOP and a recommendation from a local iTOP Lecturer.