Here, you can easily find all of the upcoming iTOP seminars that are relevant to your location, iTOP level, and so on.

Date Level Citysort descending Country Language Info
31.03.2020 Introductory Avranches France French info
21.12.2019 Introductory Beograd Serbia Serbian info
20.06.2020 Introductory Bern Switzerland German info
25.11.2019 Introductory BOGOTA Colombia Spanish info
13.02.2020 Introductory Bordeaux France French info
20.12.2019 Introductory Brasilia Brazil Portuguese info
14.12.2019 Introductory Brossard Canada French info
28.11.2020 Introductory Dietikon Switzerland German info
16.05.2020 Introductory Dietikon Switzerland German info
06.12.2019 Advanced Kopaonik Serbia Serbian info
07.12.2019 Introductory Krakow Poland Polish info
15.12.2018 Introductory Kutaisi Georgia Georgian info
01.02.2020 Advanced Lausanne Switzerland French info
08.05.2020 Recall Lausanne Switzerland French info
31.10.2020 Introductory Lausanne Switzerland French info
30.01.2020 Introductory Lille France French info
01.12.2019 Introductory Limassol Cyprus English info
11.09.2020 Recall Lugano Switzerland Italian info
12.09.2020 Introductory Lugano Switzerland Italian info
28.03.2020 Introductory Luzern Switzerland German info