iTOP je obuka o pravilnoj oralnoj higijeni kroz praktičan rad. Posebna pažnja je usmerena motivaciji pacijenata za svakodnevnu primenu novostečenih veština, kako bi tokom celog života dobro brinuli o zdravlju svojih zuba i desni. 

Globalno Individualizovano

Tokom proteklih 13 godina, preko 20000 ljudi je učestvovalo na brojnim iTOP seminarima u više od 60 zemalja širom sveta- ovaj broj i dalje raste! Zajedno smo izgradili zajednicu  posvećenih i motivisanih stručnjaka za stomatologiju koji strastveno prenose svoje znanje pacijentima , kako bi sačuvali svoje oralno zdravlje tokom celog života.


Со iTOP научив дека можете да имате здрави заби и орално здравје за цел живот, доколку ги чистите правилно.
Д-р Катерина Гавриловиќ
iTOP Предавач од Македонија
Najvaznija metoda kontrole plaka je četkanje zuba. Treba ga uspostaviti od najranijeg detinjstva.
Prof. dr Mirjana Ivanović, Specijalista Preventivne i dečje somatologije
iTOP predavač iz Srbije
Plombe, krune, implanti su posledice svih naših grešaka pri održavanju oralne higijene
Spec. dr. stom Nataša Martić
iTOP predavač iz Srbije



Symposium 2020, Frankfurt

The reason people around the world are having a smile on their faces - healthy smiles.
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💻Every January iTOP lecturers around the world gather at annual Symposium to learn something new, have a recall, maintain their skills on the highest level and enjoy time with like-minded colleagues. This year we had to meet virtually. 👏We are proud and thankful to each of our members that took part in online Symposium this Saturday, despite time differences. For some of them it was early morning, for others middle of the night. 🦷This Symposium was dedicated to broadening iTOP seminars and learn more about behavior change. Last few months two groups of lecturers worked hard on new iTOP modules and took a chance to present their work to the colleagues at Symposium. iTOP Ortho and iTOP Implant were introduced by wonderful Dora Tihanyi, Natasa Martic, Francisco Molina, Carlos A Molina, Vicky Gabal, Javier Rojas, Elisabeth van der Ham and Gisèle Choquette. ❗️Guest speakers, Prof. Maria Joao Alvarez and Ass. Prof. Cristina Godinho gave a fantastic presentation on "Behavior change with your patients". iTOP focus is on patient motivation and change of daily habits related to oral health. 💖To describe community of iTOP lecturers around the world we usually say iTOP family. There are so many positive emotions, happiness, smiles and hugs each time when this group of prevention passionate dental professionals meet, so that only correct word is a family. The fillings were the same this time too, even if we couldn't hug. 💡We look forward with great confidence - prevention is the future!





iTOP Teacher, Thailand

Also this year we had the honor to be present in Bangkok, where we successfully held an iTOP Teacher seminar.

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Join our three-part online workshops about prevention sessions that really work. In this series of three BOB workshops, Theodora Little, RDH, RDT will help you to make positive changes around the mindset of prevention & turn prevention sessions into valuable time spent by your patients. See the schedule of the online workshops below: Module 1: Embrasure or Interproximal region? 📆 Wednesday, February 10, 8 PM CET You'll master your knowledge of embrasures and measuring embrasure spaces with IAP. Together, we will try different IDB techniques, revisit the variety of bleeding indices and learn about diagnosing periodontal disease with the BOIB Index. Module 2: Is your patient a flosser or a brusher? 📆 Wednesday, February 17, 8 PM CET This session will focus on considering the advantages of both floss and interdental brushes and the importance of measuring interdental spaces. You'll get some insight into behaviour change and communication, and discover BOB as the tool that can reignite your passion in prevention. Module 3: Do you feel like a scaling machine? 📆 Wednesday, February 24, 8 PM CET During this last workshop we will look at the range of profitable prevention packages available, and how you can create services that are fun, interactive and engaging, which will leave your patients with a feeling of empowerment and motivation.





iTOP Introductory in Malmö, Sweden

This small but super motivated group took iTOP in Sweden on a new level. We are happy! 

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Tuesday Tip💡 Today's Tuesday Tip is about the brushing routine with a manual toothbrush. How to clean the teeth for a healthy mouth? ➡️Many dental problems are caused by inadequate brushing. Putting this right can be a gamechanger. Let's have a look what we can recommend to the patients that forget or skip to brush the oral side of teeth. Happy Tuesday!😘